Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

I am in Edmonton for Easter and I am taking a few extra days vacation as well. The drive here was incredible in so many ways.

1) The scenery was amazing, Nanaimo to Edmonton covers a lot of different terrain, the mountains were breathtaking.
2) My very good friend flew into Victoria and drove back with me, so I wouldn't have to do the drive alone (thanks NW, you are the best!)
3) It was the longest drive and by about hour 14 I was ready to be there already, (total approx. 1200 km, not including the ferry from the island).
4) I rented a compact car but they upgraded me to full size because that was all they had, so I am the proud temporary owner of red 2007 Grand Prix. Hot car, hard on gas, but very comfortable seating.

I left my place in Nanaimo at 6:30 a.m. Thursday and arrived in Edmonton at 1:00 a.m. Friday morning. NW took some pic's so hopefully I can post them as soon as she downloads and sends to me.

It is frigidly cold and snowy here, a big change from the very wet, but very green, coast. It is unusual to be so cold here in April, but there you go, the climate is changing everywhere.

Be well, relax, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey LibraryChik (!!!)

Have an awesome Easter! Hope the bunny is good to you.

I am sitting in a hotel in San Francisco thinking that the Easter Bunny ain't going to be able to find me with all these people.

See you next week!

librarychik said...

Who cares about the Easter bunny when you are in San Fran? One of the best cities in the world :)

Hope you have sunny skies and soft breezes.

Have fun, see ya soon.