Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Get a Second Life?

I participated in a Sirsi Dynix online webinair on Second Life this morning. What did I think you ask? Well, there were a lot of people attending, well over two hundred. I am such a nosey nellie, I enjoyed scrolling through the names to see if there were any new friends there from the Library 2.0 network that I joined. But as far as Second Life goes, or "in-world" virtual reality that is, I am not convinced. I have so little time as it is for things like this blog, that I am not sure that I want to get swept away by Second Life, especially considering that I am trying to build a new life first life here on Vancouver Island. However, I am going to check out the Info Island library and edu something and cybrary something or other.

Do I sound convinced yet?

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Ash said...

I've been looking at Second Life as well - trying to drag our library into the 21st century. However, in our community, I'm just not sure that something like that is popular enough right now to really make a difference. It's a cool idea, but I agree...I'm not sure it's worth the investment of time right now.