Saturday, April 14, 2007

Home again, home again...

Well, I survived two very long drives from Nanaimo to Edmonton and back again. Thank goodness for my good friend NW and my sis, who shared the driving with me. It is a beautiful drive for the most part, all 1200+ km!!

I had a great time, got to visit with good friends, went out for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Went for a nice long walk and endured the cold biting wind and snow! And I got early b'day stuff too :)

The photos that follow are courtesy of NW, who brought along her digital camera. I still haven't replaced mine, which was stolen in while I was in Dar es Salaam. Also included are a few pics from my camera phone but the quality is obviously not as good.

View from Duke Point Ferry Terminal, Nanaimo: 7:30 a.m.

Leaving Nanaimo on ferry
Me, coffee, Ferry & and a very cool morning breeze:

Me on ferry
NW enjoying the view on the ferry:

On the mainlaind, and on the way:

On the road

The view on the way up the "Malahat":


The breathtaking Rocky Mountains:

the rockies
"Mount Robson":

Mt Robson
Pimp my ride, "the rental" (phone pic):

rental car

Phone pic on the Malahat:

phone pic


Violette said...

So how did Percy enjoy the ride?

librarychik said...

He survived... should have posted a pic of him burrowing in the back seat under whatever he could find.