Monday, July 25, 2005


I have been going crazy trying to research my paper/presentation, read all the stuff I found (way too much, I never know when to stop) and work my hours every week. As a result my posts have been few and far between. I will report that there have been no more crazy ass thunder storms of late. And last night I inaugerated our new fire pit.

Okay, on to the rest of this post.

I have observed many blog postings where there have been top ten lists of all kinds of things. I have decided to work on my list of favourite things, be they animal, vegetable or mineral and they are in no particular order. (I think this may be a list that keeps growing)

Here it goes:

  • snuggling in a warm bed on a Saturday morning; the window is open, the room is cool and the radio is playing jazz
  • a long, cool drink of water after hard exercise and then a long cool shower
  • finishing a term paper days before it is due
  • the aroma of sweet peas from my garden
  • the way your heart skips a beat when the man that you love (lust/crush) touches you (I still remember that feeling)
  • a glass of really good red wine in the company of really good friends

I could go on and on ... but will stop there for now. I have to get back to work.



Stacey said...

What's it feel like to finish a paper early? :)

librarychik said...

I have only managed it a few times, and it's great. It's amazing how many more errors you can find if you have a couple of days between finishing and final edit. My goal is to have this one done before the folk fest and then edit it after the final exam. FINAL is so strange to end my graduate life with a final :-(

JB said...

Your talk of research, presentations and term papers reminds me of graduate school. Deadlines always came way too fast, no matter how hard I tried not to procrastinate.

Did you know that author Douglas Adams (You probably already know and love him—he wrote the famous Hitchhiker’s trilogy), used to be held hostage in hotel rooms for weeks by his editors in order to force him to finish his books? Talk about a procrastinator!

BTW, I love your list, particularly the last two. But, if I had to add one, it would be a warm, clear summer night just like last night. I went for a walk by myself and stood for a long time gazing up at all the wheeling constellations while the crickets sang and Venus shimmered on the horizon. It always makes me feel so small and awed and lucky to be alive when I stare up at the night sky.

Here’s hoping the launch goes well!

JB said...

I just watched the launch--yeah! That one camera was great, wasn't it? I loved seeing the blue world recede and the darkness of space unfold.

I'm so happy.

Mike said...

Laying in the yard smoking my last cigarette for the night and listening to the frogs chirp.... ahhhh, that's number 1