Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thunder and Lightning

I was just mentioning the other day about the impressive thunderstorms we get here in the summer. Well, last night a doozy rolled through. It started about 10:30 last night. My sister and I were watching a DVD and all of a sudden the wind picked up and shortly thereafter the rain was pouring down. We raced around the house closing windows and rescuing the cat from outside.

And then ... the thunder started. It sounded far off at first, but was approaching fast and we could see bright flashes of light arcing into the living room. We turned off the lights and the television (always the smart thing to do during a lightning storm) and stood in the porch watching the lightning strikes and listening to the rumbling thunder which was right over our head by this time.

The following pictures, and the one at the beginning of the post, are from last night's storm. I found the photos on on live journal, courtesy of raptortheangel .



JB said...

Wow! That's a truly spectacular storm!

librarychik said...

It was kind of scary too, the thunder was so loud the windows were rattling and the house shook!

missjackie said...

That is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Though we haven't had any thunderstorms here, we have had some amazing sunsets as of late and tonight the low-hanging moon is a wonderful shade of apricot. Quite a treat.

AM said...

What amazing pictures. The storm looks both beautiful and frightening. Mother nature really does have a way of reminding us that she can basically tear us to shreads at any given moment, doesn't she?

Thanks for sharing...

librarychik said...

hhmmm... I knew that lightening looked funny when I posted but it went through spell check just fine DOPE!

okay... mea culpa (Thanks M and S)