Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay, so I'll admit my secret, or not so secret, obsession with reality television. The list is comprehensive and eclectic. I love amazing race, except for when Rob and Amber were on it, however was very gratified when they didn't win. I am addicted to the Idol shows, both American and Canadian, admittedly last year was not the best in terms of talent for either show, but so far American Idol is looking, er sounding pretty good. I also like Iron Chef and Jamie Oliver and of course What Not to Wear. There are two dancing shows that I quite enjoy, the first hasn't been on for a while (darn it!), So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favourites and Dancing with the Stars is just starting.

Now we are about to get to the point of this posting. What the hell has happened to Priscilla Presley, one the latest celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars? She was born in 1945, that makes her 63 years old. But WTF? Have you seen her lately? She looks like a balloon stretched over a melon with funny looking pointy things embedded where her cheeks should be.

Priscilla, Priscilla, you are getting older, it's okay to have a wrinkle or two and some laugh lines, it adds some character and life to a face. She can't even smile.
Don't believe me? See for yourself...
or read this forwarded to me from KG

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