Thursday, March 06, 2008

Marching in

I cannot ever enter the month of March without judging it. Did it come in like a lion or lamb? I think this is a hangover from teaching elementary school for so long. If I were to strictly judge by the weather, which is usual, I would have to say it was nice and gentle like a lamb, accompanied by a warm bright sun and early spring flowers poking through the dirt. (I do live in the very temperate west coast and on an Island to boot).

However, this year I judge March to be more Lion-like. Why you ask? Well, for many reasons, but mostly for the emotional and intellectual turbulence going on in my life right now. Professionally this is going to be one very, very busy month. I purposely kept my commitments to the bare minimum. I am off to Vancouver for three days of training on Plone, a content management system that we will most be likely be using for our website redesign at work. And I am off to Minneapolis for almost a week right after Easter to attend the Public Library Association conference. I am really jazzed about it though. Add to that a major shift in my immediate chain of command at work and all that adds up to a slight feeling of chaos.

**sigh** I really do like change you know

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Violette said...

I hope you don't get too stressed out. Remember, a good shake-up once in a while is good for you. Builds character and shakes the cobwebs out of your brain.

Minneapolis! I'm soooooo jealous. You know where I get to go? To the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Library conference. In Regina. 40 minutes away. *Sigh*

Methinks I could use a little shake-up meself.