Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Spacing Out

News in outer space:

Galaxies clash in four-way merger
I was reading this the other day on my BBC feed. Check it out.

Mission to Mars: Phoenix rising
Very cool, they are going to be exploring, remotely of course, the Phoenix will be exploring the Northern polar regions. Read the Nasa info, click the linked title.

And the most exciting and something you can actually get involved in:
The Perseids are coming!
The yearly meteor shower is this weekend. I remember a few years back Violette and I counted around 30 meteors in one hour, it was great!
To find out more check out these links:
>> Sky and Telescope
>> StarDate Online
>> Earth and Sky


Violette said...

I'm about to go and sit on my parent's front lawn and take in the show myself. Gorgeous!!!

librarychik said...

Argh... it is nothing but clouds here! Maybe tomorrow night. Let me know how it goes.

Violette said...

It was okay. Mom and I saw 17 in about 15 minutes. But we couldn't last much longer than that because it was FREEZING out that night.