Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting ready again

For another trip, this time to Scotland. Not nearly so exotic as Africa, but exciting nonetheless. I have less than 10 days left and feel like I have done absolutely nothing to prepare. However, I have been doing lots of hiking and walking, re-breaking in my hiking boots, making lists and reading up on where to go and what to see.

My sister and I are heading to the Braemar Highland games first thing. We arrive the day before they start so it seemed a good idea. We will hop a bus in Glasgow as soon as we arrive and head to Aberdeenshire immediately and then on the Ballater to our first B&B.

We are also hiking the Great GlenWay, (
Fàilte do Shlighe a' Ghlinne Mhòir) a 73 mile hike between Inverness and Fort William that follows a geological fault line which runs south-west to north-east across Scotland.

Hopefully I will be able to blog as I go, but I hear that internet is expensive in Europe. Gotta run, so much to do!

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Ash said...

Internet is expensive in Europe. Expect to pay 1 pound - approximately $2.50 Canadian for as little as half an hour of Internet time. However, Internet services can be got for free...where many of the public libraries. There are good deals other places too, but they are few and far between.

Have fun! Can't wait to see the pics!