Sunday, January 21, 2007

Still here...

Hey there,

I am still here, but not much to say lately. I guess I am still very busy with work and then when I get home I am too tired to get on the computer again. It seems like the days have been flying by. I keep waiting for decent weather here.

We have been slammed on Vanouver Island (actually most of the coast) with bad weather ever since I have arrived (early Nov.). First it was a deluge of rain, and then wind storms that wreaked havoc and then huge dumps of snow.

Talk about unprepared. I thought the Island was "lotus land". But I have to give it a chance. It is winter after all, but I sure do feel better on those rare days when the sun comes out to play.

Yesterday was one of those rare beautiful days. I had a beautiful view from my living room window of the brilliant sunshine reflecting off the distant coastal mountains and the ocean while sailboats and fishing boats cut through the water. I can also see the ferry coming and going from my window. At night I can see the lights of West Vancouver twinkling across the straight, that is, if it is not too cloudy or raining. I even have gone out to the Lagoon (Piper's lagoon) to stargaze on at least two occasions. That is something else that I found a bit disconcerting here, is that the star are rarely visible at night due to the cloud cover. I have only been able to spot Orion, one of my favourite winter constellations, once.

Work is great, I have been learning so much and am just now feeling like I am settling into the job. Sometimes though I still feel like I am swimming too hard against the currents.

Will I ever feel like this is home?

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