Thursday, December 21, 2006

A few days off :)

Wow, what a busy month and a half! I have been totally immersed in work and my apologies for being such a bad blogger!

The weather here has been truly amazing, record breaking storms; snow and wind and rain, like Nanaimo has not seen for a long time. All since I have moved here.

However, last Sunday was very nice and I have some pictures to prove it. Also, I went to Tofino a week or so ago for a day trip. It was very wet but the trip was great, a very windy, twisty highway with unbelievable scenery.

I am going to Vancouver and sking at Whistler for Christmas but will blog again soon I promise.

View of my workplace

Magnolia tree outside work:

Snow storm:

snowy day in Nanaimo
View from Piper's Lagoon:

View from Piper's
View from Piper's
Sunny Sunday walk at Piper's Lagoon:

sunshine at the lagoon
view from Piper's

Rainy Saturday at Tofino:

Long beach, tofino

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