Sunday, November 05, 2006

So much for optimism

Well, it is Sunday evening and I am at the Painted Turtle guesthouse in Nanaimo. It is housed in a lovely historic building and the interior is welcoming and warm. And... there is a bus stop just outside the front of the building and I have a choice of two different buses to get to work.

As you might guess by the title of my post, I did not find a new home. It is very hard to find an apartment here and then add to that trying to find one that is pet friendly! I do have a couple of good leads for Dec 1 occupancy. One is quite close to work, only a few blocks. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

I am staying in the heart of the "old quarter" in Nanaimo. I am looking forward to exploring on the weekend. I am a few blocks from the Ocean and a long walking path. So you know what I will be doing this weekend.

It poured rain as I arrived and pretty much stayed that way. It did clear off in the afternoons a bit and today it didn't start raining until much later in the day. I guess this is what winter is like here. What a change. It is quite warm though, 13 Celsius today.

Anyway, I am tired and my back hurts quite badly (I pulled a muscle this morning lifting my heavy suitcase into A's truck). So I am going to bid you all sweet dreams and good night.


Maria Leung said...

Hey Janice!! Congrats on your new position! It does sound very impressive!! I'm really happy for you :) I found out from Weiwei after the Netspeed conference; we were hoping to get together with you before you leave, but I see you've already arrived ;) Give us a shout when you come back to visit! --Maria

librarychik said...

Hi there, I know, I was going to email you guys, but what with all the interviews I had and flying around, being sick and packing, it just seemed like time was slipping through my fingers.
I will definitely let you know when I am back. ciao... J

Michelle said...

hey aiyang and i are in victoria...i guess the record-breaking rain and flooding is the Island's way of welcoming you!!