Sunday, July 16, 2006


Zanzibar, Indian Ocean
It is hard to reflect openly in the blogosphere... well for me it is anyway. I have been doing a lot of introspection and reflection. Gazing at the past and looking forward too. What I see is hopeful and the past is just that ... the past, worth learning from but not worth brooding over. I am trying not to brood, but it is difficult, mostly because I am attempting to move forward to take a new and exciting path and the old, the baggage, the detritus is weighing me down still.

So, the main reason I have been so quiet is because of my temporary job. The demands are high, the learning curve has been great and my workload heavy. As a result my time has been allotted very sparingly to "personal" computer time. But also, my reflective, introspective state has been a hindrance as well. My personal thoughts and battles are not something I really want to share, but have been running constantly in the background, like an anti-viral program, always enabled.

I am back, and I will try to be more cheerful and informative for my next posting. I plan to catch up on my favourite blogs now... see ya soon

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