Sunday, July 30, 2006


It was raining for most of the weekend and I loved it. Sometimes there is nothing better than a grey, rainy day. The house was cool (which is so nice after the heat lately) and it was a perfect time to roast some chicken and potatoes in the oven. I made chocolate oatmeal squares earlier to warm the house and then the chicken. Mmmm... goodness.

I lucked into some tickets to get see Blue Rodeo at the Ed Fest last Friday night. A friend had two extra tickets and gave them to me. Which meant that my sister and I went to the "Capital Ex" and walked around the fairgrounds, ate a corn dog, watched all the people pass by and then sat in the beer gardens with my friends and listened to great music in good company for a few hours. The evening was topped off with some fireworks which were quite lovely but nothing like I imagine Gandalf's to be.

The outing made me realize that I have been rather reclusive lately. I have not wanted to do anything or go anywhere. I think that is a result working in a highly challenging job. Right now I have so much work to do every day I just can not keep it straight. So I plug away at different task for an allotted time and then I move on. Otherwise I would get overwhelmed. Like today, I have almost completed two projects and continued with three others. Plus I went for a walk at lunch. (The rain has stopped and it is warm and breezy out there)

Now it is time to go to the gym, I really have no motivation to go, I am tired and all I want to do is go home and read a book or crash on the couch and be a potato. But I will earn that first, so I am off to sweat now.


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