Friday, March 10, 2006

Never rains...

but it pours...

I have another temporary, but part time job. I have the opportunity to finish some research I started with ... one of my professors two years ago. She approached me about taking part in the data collection part of the project over the next couple of weeks. I was quite pleased that my current supervisor is amenable to my making up any missed hours at home. This will allow me to not only be a part of something I am quite interested in, but also pad my bank account to pay for my upcoming trip to Africa.

Also, I have a job interview on Monday morning, another short term contract, but this time in a position that would allow me to gain really fantastic experience doing technology related library tasks, such as indexing and meta tags and working with controlled vocabulary. The nerve wracking part is that I have to do a practical assignment on the computer with their website as part of my "interview". That makes me just a bit nervous.

And... I have heard back from another job that I applied for, but this one is in the US of A. Fort Vancouver, Washington State. It is step two in the job application process. They want me to answer three questions and will be judging not only the content, but my writing style/ability as well.

After the employment drought there may be a real flood now. Whew!

So... that's what's up here :-)


Violette said...

Ha. No wonder you don't have time to read The Golden Compass. I'm rooting for you.

librarychik said...

I know... shame on me, not reading!

JB said...

Interviews are new-racking experiences, and I especially hate having to do a teaching demonstration in front of “fake students,” who are actually the interview committee. I really suck at those.

On a plus side, you should have absolutely no problem answering a few questions in writing—you get lots of practice blogging, after all.

That’s part of what I love about blogging, how it forces me to write some every week.

Good luck with the interviews!

librarychik said...

Thanks for the good wishes... I will keep you posted!