Thursday, February 16, 2006

I can't believe it

You would not believe how bloody frigid it is out there. We have been sucker punched by ol man winter in a serious way. If you think of it (and it is close to today's date) check out the weather icon below and to the right.

Okay, so you see? Minus 29 degrees Celsius!! And to top it off
it was windy, which made it minus 39 degrees Celsius. I did go for a walk at lunchtime with AMK, because I have to. I simply cannot stay cooped up all day long in an office where I can't see outside and the air is stale. However, it was a short walk.

The problem here is not really the temperature folks. I know for some of my southern neighbours this would be totally unbearable weather and it truly is painful. However, as a born and bred western Canadian, I can deal with it, but what I can't deal with is the fact that this is the first really cold weather we have had. I have been tricked into complacency. I have forgotten that a wind chill below minus 25 can freeze exposed skin in less than a minute.

So, today, I wore my polypro long underwear, (which traveled up Kilimanjaro I'll have you know) my dress pants, and wind pants over that. I had a t shirt and a sweater and my medium heavy duty winter jacket (I should have gotten out the big guns this morning, I'll admit) and a long fleece scarf wrapped twice around my face, a wool hat, big fleece mitts and my hood pulled up to block the wind. At this point you are wondering if I was warm enough? Hell yes. But I could barely get on the bus because my knees wouldn't bend!

The good news is warmer weather will be here in a day or two, but for now, tomorrow I am wearing my down jacket and ski pants to work!


JB said...

Oh my! That does sound cold, and we’ve had such a mild winter so far that, like you said, it’s doubly hard to tolerate this sudden freeze.

Here is southern California we certainly have nothing to complain about in terms of weather, but I have to admit that even we were quite surprised by the sudden turn.

One week it was 80 F and we were wearing shorts and t-shirts and the next week it was 56 F and raining. We even got a sprinkling of snow on our mountain, believe it or not. And I just called my pop (who lives in northern California in the sierras), and he said they also got a bit of snow from the last storm.

I love unpredictable weather, though.

Stacey said...

Yeeeeeeah, I'm slow. :) I've gotten out of the habit of checking blogs, even though they always interest me. But I'm caught up with you now!

It's appropriate that I read this today though, because I called a friend a wimp for complaining about the weather in Virginia and he replied "18 degrees F is cold! I don't care if you're a penguin from Antarctica!" -7C? I woke up thinking -14C wasn't too bad, considering it's still Feb. :)