Monday, February 06, 2006

I started work today...

Oh, please don't get too excited. It is a temporary, full time position working at Learning Services on campus until the end of March. I am working on clearing copyright for the Peel's Prairie Provinces project. It is rather interesting and I spent most of today trying figure out the first name of an editor of a book published in Saskatchewan. All I have are first initials and last name. Sounds easy doesn't it? However, you would not believe how difficult it is when the author is dead and the publisher is unknown.

It will be nice to pump up the bank account too, after Africa my savings were very depleted to say the least.

Anyway, my CV is floating around to at least seven jobs right now and there are two more that I am applying for. I never anticipated it would take this long to find a permanent position, it's almost like I am looking for a teaching position all over again. I did find a very interesting job here, (scroll down to the bottom, they want a librarian) . I will definitely give it some thought,it makes me smile :-)


Ash said...

Job hunting is a pain. My position here fell into my lap out of sheer good luck. Believe me, last time I was unemployed, it was four months before I found anything...and it was a temp job. Meantime, congrats on your temp job. It sounds pretty interesting even if it is a fill-in-the-gaps job until you get something permanent.

That said, I'm sure you'll find something soon - you're going to be an amazing librarian. And maybe it'll be a position in there's a job that looks cool. :)

Violette said...

Oooh. Congrats. Temporary jobs aren't all that bad though. At least this way, if you end up hating it, you aren't locked into a 3-year contract. Africa would be cool... but then you'd be even farther away! That would be sad, but I'd understand if you let me come and visit.

JB said...

Let me just take a moment to say how much I admire librarians. I would have never made it through grad school without them, and every semester I schedule librarian orientations for my freshman comp students. At one of the colleges I teach at the orientation is so thorough that I never have to worry about my students not knowing how to conduct their research. It’s impressive what they can accomplish!

Good luck finding a permanent job. :)

P.S. Working in Africa? Now that would be an adventure!