Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I feel so lost. After reliving my recent trip and having reams of things to say (and so much unsaid) I feel like I have absolutely nothing to say. I am empty... no witty remarks or observations. No thrilling tales to tell or secrets to reveal.



JB said...

I hear ya. I can write about my trip, but writing about anything else takes a lot of energy, energy that's suddenly hard to muster.

I wonder why that is.

P.S. How are your cats? I bet you were glad to see them when you got back, huh?

librarychik said...

I don't know why that is, but maybe a part of it is the knowledge that others are reading what you are writing, and you don't want to waste their time or... be inane... I don't know... that sounds so silly!

My cats are great, but they certainly missed me. When we first got home there was always a cat in the lap of someone! I had a great cat sitter though and I am sure they were cuddled lots. (My cats are so very spoiled!)

Any adventures in dog torture lately?

JB said...

Pickle needs to post again soon, dosen't she? I'll tell her! :)