Monday, September 05, 2005


Just over two weeks, and I feel so tenuous about going. Is this natural? Normal? I am not scared of traveling, experiencing and learning about new cultures and people, it will be fantastic.


Seeing new places and exploring Kilimanjaro and Olduvai Gorge, seeing the wildlife in Ngorongoro crater and on the Serengeti is like a fantasy come to life. What about the pristine beaches of Zanzibar and the Spice Islands?


So... why do I have misgivings?

I must be insane!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you mean insanely lucky and brave? You'l be fine. And you have your mommy to take care of you if things go awry!

s. "buffalo gal" b.

librarychik said...

Just a little cold feet, I'm fine now... thanks "buffalo gal".


JB said...

I envy you, Librarychik, I really do. You’ll remember this trip all your life.

I think, though, that it’s always a little daunting when we step outside our comfort zones.

But you’ll have a fantastic time!

librarychik said...

Thanks JB, I appreciate your encouragement :-)