Thursday, August 04, 2005


That is how I feel. Being raised as a military brat I still have the all the little sayings floating around in my brain all these many years later.

S -situation
N -normal
A -all
F -f****d
U -up

Concise, to the point... and how I feel. It will soon be all behind me and just a faint memory of confusion and consternation.

Wish me luck, I think I will be very quiet around here for the next week while I drown in words, words, words


JB said...

Good luck on your final paper! Just think, soon you’ll be off to Africa. I hope you’ll be able to post some pictures so we can all cheer you on as you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. :)

P.S. SNAUF. I Love it.

librarychik said...

Thanks JB, it really isn't such a big deal, but yet again it is. Anyway, I am leaving work now and am going to finish this blasted thing!