Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Strange days

and even stranger nights.

The days have been strange weather wise. It starts out as a beautiful day. I get up and have a coffee in the peace and stillness of my backyard. I look up and see blue, blue sky. I look around and enjoy the beauty and aroma of the sweet peas, and the vine on the trellis that gives shade in the evening. Yesterday I hung my laundry (I should have known better). Then the clouds roll in, huge cumulus clouds darkening and gathering. After that the wind starts to whip and roll and the watering can tumbles across the yard and my cat makes a beeline for the backdoor. It rained really hard yesterday for a while, then lightened up and then just sprinkled. By evening, the sun was out, the wind had died down and the rain barrels are now full to overflowing. Today seems to be the same, but it isn't raining yet. It is cool though and very windy. I don't mind the wind today, I did not ride my bike.

The nights have been strange due to the wacky dreams I have been having. The night before last I was being pursued by someone in a grocery store who wouldn't let me make any purchases. Every time I put something in the basket they took it out and put it back on the shelf. Last night I was dancing on ice, but not with skates, but in my shorts and tank top. My audience consisted of rabbits. There is more, but I can't remember them as clearly and some have scared me, so I wake up in the deepness of night and cannot get back to sleep. I had to leave my reading light on in order to get back to sleep.

Strange things are afoot.... (or perhaps I just need to be done with school?)



JB said...

I really love your vivid description of the changing weather. Is rain usual for July? Here in California we are enduring quite a heat wave, although by the coast it is still fairly moderate.

About your dreams—my good friend, AM, would be able to tell you a lot since she considers herself an armature dream interpreter. Whenever I have a weird dream, I always call her and she runs to her books to look things up and gets back to me with her interpretation, which can be fun. Of course, I’m not sure how much stock I put in that sort of stuff, but it is interesting to get another perspective on your own unconsciousness.

I guess, in the end, it only matters what the dreams mean to you, though.

librarychik said...

It is hard to say what is usual here. Especially with the changing weather patterns which are really noticeable here. We tend to have very hot weather in July and August which results in fairly regular, but spectacular, afternoon or evening thunderstorms. I love them, but prefer to be sitting in my porch watching them. Last year around this time we had a major storm after a hot day and it was the first time I have ever witnessed tennis ball sized hail. It did a lot of damage to cars, gardens, rooftops etc...

As for the dreams, well, I am a bit stressed trying to work, finish my last course in my degree (evening class) and get ready physically for the upcoming trip, so I wouldn't be surprised if all that wasn't having some effect on me.

I have never been in California in the summer, but have wanted to visit southern CA for some time. I love being near the ocean.