Friday, June 24, 2005

Mac & Cheese

Let's talk a bit about food.

I just came back from lunch, and while it was good, tasty food, it did not satisfy me.
Why you ask?
Well, mostly because I had my heart set on a certain dish that this particular restaurant has on their menu (usually).

So here is the scenario.

A friend and I walk to the Sugarbowl, which is set in a historic building circa 1943, it is a popular destination for the University crowd and frequently hosts jazz, blues, DJs and folk acts.

However, today at lunch, the sun soaked patio was crowded and it was pretty much empty in the restaurant. We grab two menus, find a comfy seat inside and exchange commentary on school, libraries and what to have for lunch. I already know what I want. The Tomato-Basil Mac & Cheese. It is absolutely delicious and is such a large portion that leftovers were definitely in my future.

Finally we realize that we haven't been served and decide to go to the till to order lunch. At that moment a food-laden waitress coasts by our table and my lunch companion gets her attention with a winning smile. (he says he didn't charm her). She informs us that the menus we are looking at aren't available right now, we have to use the limited one already on the table, and then we have to order at the till. At this point I was thinking that perhaps a Wendy's salad sounded pretty good.

So we mosey over to the till and order. I did not get to have my Mac & Cheese as it was not offered on the limited menu, I had minestrone soup and wholegrain toast. The soup was very good, but I have two things to say about it. It was a little bit spicy, well actually my lips were burning at the end of the meal and I felt like I had just had a collagen injection, and there were the largest chunks of potato I had ever seen in a soup before.

How big you want to know? Well, I would say they were a quarter of a potato. So I nibbled around the edges until they were mouth sized and could be chewed. (Okay, so those of you who know me really well ... yes, I could probably have fit the potato in my mouth, but then what? A girl has to chew)

At the end of our meal, as we were leaving the Sugarbowl, we noticed that there was a sign at the till which said "Order at the TILL"...


Next time I go I really want Mac & Cheese and perhaps a pint of Stella Artois


Merrill said...

And go after 4:00. Service at the table starts then and so, I presume, does the full menu.

Ah well. You'll just appreciate the mac and cheese more when you finally get it.

JB said...

I know how you feel though. After living in an area for a while you start to have favorite restaurants and you begin to anticipate specific dishes—you crave them. It’s terrible when you’re denied what your craving.

When I need a sushi fix nothing else will appease me. I must have my unagi and sake!

JB said...

P.S. I just checked out your profile--your favorite book is "The Poisonwood Bible?" I love that novel! I've read it several times. In fact, I love all of Kingsolver's novels, especially "Pigs in Heaven."

Have you ever read Margaret Atwood? She's also one of my favorite authors; also, she's a Canadian writer.

Anonymous said...

JB, I just finished the Poisonwood Bible about a week ago and added it to my fav's. I was looking for novels set in Africa, you know, trying to immerse myself before I go. Anyway, I loved the book and will definitely pick up more. Margaret Atwood is wonderful,I like most of her stuff, but not all. Have you a favourite book of hers?

JB said...

I love Atwood's "Oryx and Crake," "The Handmaid's Tale," "The Blind Assassin," and "The Edible Woman." :)