Monday, December 29, 2008

Reading trend: My

I have discovered that I like to read non-fiction. What's that you say, of course I like non-fiction, I'm a librarian? Well, one might think so, but it is only recently that I have sought out and truly enjoyed reading non-fiction. I admit to being a fiction snob in the past, but all that has changed. I find myself leaning toward books about social media trends, or a how-to photography book and I especially enjoy books on other cultures and traveling.

So, now you want to know some of the titles, don't you? (you know you do, come on!)

Okay here are a few:

On my 'shelf' now:
So there you have it.

P.S. I am reading a piece of fiction too :)


Violette said...

Yeah, I was a fiction snob too. But actually working in the library and having to go out and weed in the non-fiction section has really opened my eyes to all the cool stuff there is to read about. I have read Blink too, and thought it was pretty good.

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