Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guess where I was last night?

Okay, yes I know I am slightly nerdified and somewhat geeky. But what can I say? I had family members who had an appreciation for all that is Star Trek and science fiction when I was growing up.

Last night was theme night at my favourite local pub and this time it was Star Trek. Once a month they play movies or TV episodes on the theme. The first time I went to this pub it was Fawlty Towers night, and my friend and I won the trivia contest too ! Anyway, I am a regular there now, they have great food and a nice homey atmosphere and it is only two blocks from home.


Violette said...

Nice ears!!!

BTW, have you seen the preview for the new Star Trek movie?

Looks interesting...

librarychik said...

Thanks, I wish you were there, it would have been fun. No, I haven't seen any previews but have checked out the cast. What do you think, going to be good?