Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Braemar Gathering

Braemar Gathering
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The Braemar Highland Games have been going on for almost two centuries. Traditionally the Queen and other Royals attend these games. They are held on the first Saturday in September every year. The Queen and Prince Phillip were there for an hour or so in the afternoon, but I did not get a photo.

We discovered that the games are like a giant sportsday at school with all the events going on at once. The Highland dancers are on a stage in the middle of the grounds, the heavy events are going on in one corner, a tug of war in another and footraces through it all. It was a challenge to catch it all. And of course there were the many, many piping bands. This photo is of the "en masse" march of the all the piping bands that were there. It is impossible not to feel a stirring of emotion listening to the haunting, thunderous pipes and drums.

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