Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Most weekends, either on Saturday or Sunday, I have eggs, toast and sometimes yummy Canadian back bacon. Today is egg day.

Next: A long, windy walk along the lagoon. The ocean is generously sprinkled with whitecaps, maybe I will be able to capture it on my phone and share.


Merrill said...

Tomorrow, let's meet at Humpty's for some tater tots.

librarychik said...

Mmmmm, I miss the Sunday gathering there after a nice long hike. Well, have some for me would ya please? :)

Violette said...

Spiffy new look chik!

librarychik said...

Thanks Violette, but I lost quite a bit in the changeover, and have not yet figured out how to insert some of my neat, cool stuff. The code in the template does not like java.

sigh... who has time for this?