Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving on up

Nanaimo here I come! I have accepted the position of Virtual Services Manager at the Vancouver Island Regional Library!

Sound pretty impressive doesn't it? I am thrilled. Really, it was not a hard choice to make once I considered the job descriptions of both positions. I love emerging technology. I am crazy about web design and I freely admit to being an "information/library geek".

I move in two weeks, I do not know how I am going to get everything done, but I will. Once I get there, I will be hunting for a home, an apartment preferably close enough to work so I can ride my bike or walk. (Anyone out there have any suggestions?)

I am car-free and would like to stay that way for many reasons, the two most important being: 1) the environment and 2) the expense. If I find that I must get a vehicle I will either get a hybrid or a moped/scooter type.

I think it will be a bit of an adjustment to get used to a warmer winter than I have experienced up to this point. I know, I can hear the disclaimers from you folks, but I like winter. I like to skate and I love the way fresh snow sparkles like diamonds in the sunshine and how it covers the naked trees like a velvet blanket. (okay I'll stop)...

I have had the good fortune of attending the Netspeed conference here in Edmonton. My new boss is attending and had registered for two and I was able to step into the extra spot. It has been a great opportunity to see many of my peers and say good bye. The sessions have been very interesting for the most part, although I am finding for many of them the information just reaffirms what I already know ( or think I know :)

Time to get ready, last day of the conference today.

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