Thursday, August 17, 2006

The best laid plans...

and something about good intentions too. I really was planning to post more often, honest! However, I can truly say that my job overwhelms me. Lately I have been working long hours, which is totally ridiculous, because I am not going to get paid for it. That is the trouble with working short term, hourly contracts, no perks, no benefits, and an hourly wage, that while sufficient is not what I have the ability to earn.

Be that as it may, I have high hopes for my future employment. As I mentioned previously I have been updating my CV and writing cover letters (Argh!) I have officially applied for one job and will spend this weekend getting the rest out. Did I mention that some of these jobs are here in Edmonton where I currently live? And the others are in various locations in Canada. I have no preference other than staying here would be nice, mostly because moving is a pain and costly too.

I am finished at work for the day and I am now going to the Four Rooms for a drink and a visit with a good friend....


01 said...

I know your pain. Although I daren't post about it on my own blog, I too am in the job market. It's not easy.

It's taken me 6 months to land my first real offer. Of course, being a "pale male" in post-Apardheid South Africa where Affirmative Action is king hasn't helped either.

May the Force be with you!

Crystal said...

It was such a relief when the company that I'd gotten a 2nd interview with called to offer me the position last week. Sending out resumes/cover letters is such a pain. Now I start work again on August 28th and I'm quite excited to be out in the real world again. Good Luck for you!

p.s. I ended up canceling my plans to accompany my hubby to BC, because I had to do an interview instead.

librarychik said...

And with you as well 01. I hope you are able to secure a more satisfying position. I have read of some of your tribulations on your blog.

Thanks Crystal, I will keep everyone updated. Of course, my dream job is to work for the UN in Dar, but I may have to take something else in the meantime.

Too bad you missed B.C. maybe another time.