Sunday, February 12, 2006

4,4,4, and 4 more...

This meme has been floating around some library blogging circles, and probably elsewhere too. I haven't been tagged but thought I would start the ball rolling anyway, here goes...(click the read more link)

Four jobs I've had in my life:

-waitress at a truckstop in northern Alberta
-elementary school teacher... oh so fun
-booze delivery, really I did
-research assistant

Four places I've lived:

-Calgary, Alberta
-Vernon, British Columbia
-Yorkton, Saskatchewan
-Edmonton, Alberta

Four websites I visit daily: actually some of these are off my RSS feeds, but I still visit them everyday.

-FLA jobsite

Four places I have been on vacation:

-east Africa, obviously the best, most exciting vacation ever!
-Hawaii, great fun, but rained for half the time I was there
-San Francisco, one of my favourite cities anywhere
-Jasper, the quintessential camping, hiking destination

Four of my favorite foods:

-spinach and feta pizza on wholewheat, at Pharo's pizza, the best in Edmonton, truly
-the fattouch salad at Parkallen restaurant, mmmummm goodness
-samosa's from the Action Safari Cafe in Lushoto, Tanzania
-bison burgers cooked on a fire while camping at Elk Island Park. OH, so good

Four places I'd rather be:

-Zanzibar, of course, without a doubt, unequivocally
-Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro again
-Walking in the highlands of Scotland
-Checking out the artwork and architecture in Italy

Four albums/artists I can't live without:

-Creed, Weathered
-Jann Arden, anything by her
-Amos Lee, again... anything, he's fabulous
-Stevie Ray Vaughn, come on... it's all good.

Four Vehicles I've Owned:

-my very first vehicle while I was an undergrad: 1976 cutlass salon, what a beut, cruise control, power seats and windows AND it had an eight track.
-1989 Camaro Z28, 405, five speed, blue with a T roof... what a babe, loved that car!!
-Ford F150 4x4, victim of a broken marriage, of course he kept it...
-Ford escort GT, five speed, has been parked since I went back to school for my Master's and is still sitting in the driveway, poor thing.

Four people I'm tagging... Mwa mwaaa

-The wonderful and talented JB of Swinging Gate fame.
-Of course, my good friend Violette, who is really no Shrinking Violet, but is also extremely busy and may not have time
-The insightful Ash, ever witty and charming (and little under the weather right now)
-And last but not least... my Buddy, over at Poopitts, who doesn't blog nearly enough and hopefully this will light a fire under her **** (kiss..hugs)

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JB said...

Ohh, you tagged me! My first tag ever. I promise I'll write a 4,4,4 and 4 more post soon, right after I do my Valentine's post. (I promised somone I'd write about how my husband and I met.)

I really like the kilicam--so lovely!

And your list of favorite dishes made me hungry; you have excellent tastes. :)