Thursday, November 10, 2005

While you are waiting...

Thank you to A.W. (aka Squashbutt), who has kindly fowarded on a bunch of her pictures from our adventure. While I am trying to finish up the second installment, here are couple of pictures from the first day.

Kilimanjaro as seen from the second floor balcony of the Keys Hotel in Moshi Town.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

In the Rainforest, Day 1

Rainforest at the feet of Kilimanjaro


JB said...

You are getting me all excited with al your vivid imagery and concrete details, and now these snapshots—I have this strange feeling of Blog anticipation…of blogation.

Did I just make up a word?

Well, okay. I did. But that’s what I’m feeling right now; I can’t wait for Day 2, to hear how the rest of the climb went.

So here I sit waiting in a frenzied state of blogation! :)

librarychik said...

I love that... blogation! You're so crafty ;)

Hang on... it will be out today