Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spaced out

I am so disappointed. NASA has scrubbed the Discovery , STS-114 mission that was supposed to be launched today. I know it is better to be safe than to have another tragedy in space. The commander of the flight is a woman and there are six international crew members. Stay tuned, perhaps the launch will happen soon. You can watch it too!


01 said...

Take heart. Rumour has it the launch will most likely go ahead on Saturday.

JB said...

I was also completely disappointed about the launch, which I’ve been following quite closely. I hope 01 is right about Saturday. I’ll be crossing my fingers!

BTW, I am very glad to see that 01 has “met” you, Librarychick. You two have a lot in common—he loves Star Trek and he’s a science “nerd” like us. :)

(Sorry, guys, for using the word “nerd,” but I mean it as the greatest of compliments.)

librarychik said...

Anyone who loves Star Trek is all right by me :-)

Glad to meet you 01, and I will tune in on Saturday for the launch, thanks for heads up!

JB, you can use nerd all you want. I use 'geek' too...quite liberally I might add

01 said...

Actually I prefer the term "geek"... although the definition of it is somewhat outdated. I don't recall ever biting the head off a chicken.

Glad to meet you too! Fingers crossed about tomorrow!