Monday, June 27, 2005

Tilly and Percy

These two very beautiful felines are Tilly and Percy. Tilly is a beautiful grey fourteen year old tabby, who reigns over her queendom with a regal but yet playful demeanor. Percy is the handsome and content (fat?) eleven year old orange tabby, who truly is a "scardy cat".

They stalk the birds and mice that inhabit the wilds of south Edmonton. Squirrels beware, Tilly is relentless and fearless! Once in the great and bountiful outdoors, Percy turns into a feral thing, wild and unwilling to acknowledge his ties to humanity.


JB said...

Love, love pets!

Didn't you say that you have a picture of your cat with its head in a bag or something? I think I'd like to see that, too. :)

librarychik said...

I love my pets, they are my family! I will post the other pic's that I have too. Did you click on the picture? It gets bigger :-)