Monday, June 06, 2005

it is not another night of raucous teens... well, not really. I was celebrating and dancing the night away at Blues on Whyte, listening, and dancing, to the divine King Muskafa with good friends. I had much fun and it was much needed. The only complaint I have is that my hair smells of smoke.



JB said...

Sounds like fun--Good for you!

By the way, I think we have your rain. It's June and it should be sunny, warm and dry, but here in SoCal it's raining/sprinkling.

What's up with the weather lately? Do you believe in global warming?

librarychik said...

Hi JB,
It still hasn't really rained here yet. A few drops and dribbles, but that is all. However, it is dark and forboding and we may get a spectacular thunderstorm yet.

I most definitely believe that global warming is fact and is having an enormous effect on the environment.
Did you see "The Day After Tomorrow"? Not a real intellectual movie but it did make one ponder the issue.

JB said...

Yes, I did see that movie. Normally I'm not a big natural-disaster-blockbuster-movie fan, but I wanted to see "The Day After Tomorrow" because I love the weather. This sounds strange, I know, but I love to talk weather. My dad does too, and I think that's where I got it from.

Anyway, that movie scared the crap out of me! Could you imagine?

I believe in global warming, too; I just don't know how much humanity is contributing to it or whether our warming trend is more of a natural cycle and we're still coming out of an Ice Age.

Hmm. I think scientists are somewhat stumped on this question, too.

librarychik said...

Scared me too