Monday, May 16, 2005


Hi there,

It is funny how on our birthday we (I) feel just a little bit sad mixed in with the happiness of celebrating with friends and family. The sadness is not so much regret or what might/could have been, but more wondering about the
path not taken. If I had decided to teach overseas instead of returning to university to get my Masters what would a snapshot of my life look like? It is like a cross section of a tree, so many layers, each one a story in itself. That is how I like to look at the road traveled, the choices made.

Okay, that is enough introspection for now. On a different note, I missed the series finale of
Star Trek Enterprise, but a good friend has taped it for me and I will watch it tonight. I have heard two very different perpectives on it. One friend thought it was really good and the other hated it with a passion, and I think, some disappointment. I must say that although I am huge fan of Star Trek in any form at all, this series was my least favourite thus far. The writing was dismal last year, and improved too late to save it from extinction.

Factiod: this will be the first time since the 80's that a Star Trek series has not been on the airwaves (not including re-runs of course).

Okay, I am going to end this particular post with a trivia question:

Who was the first actor to play a member of all three of the major alien races in "Star Trek"?

  1. Christopher Lloyd
  2. Mark Lenard
  3. Jeffrey Hunter
  4. Leonard Nimoy



turtlechild said...

Mmm. Is it Mark Lenard? He's best known for being Sarek, Spock's dad, so score one for the Vulcans (my favourite StarTrek race). And Lenard must have played a Romulan at some time. But when I think about it, didn't he play a Klingon, too, in the first series in the 60s? So, yeah, my guess is Mark Lenard.

librarychik said...

Right the first time turtle! It was my guess as well, but I am truly a Star Trek geek.