Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hiking & Biking

Want to see my new boots?

I have to remember to wear them around the house more to break them in before I actully go hiking.

Going home now, I am developing a very sore wrist from all this transcribing. I must remember to wear a tensor or something tomorrow. I have asked for other projects to do, so I can take breaks and do something else. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Right now it is a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Edmonton and I am going to take the long way home through the river valley on the bike paths.



JB said...

Where do you hike? What is it like? I love to go hiking, too. Lately I've been exploring all sorts of amazing wild places in southern California, which is very green right now due to all the extra rain we got this winter.

In fact, the wildflowers are amazing! I posted a couple of pictures on my blog as examples.

librarychik said...

Hi jb,

I hike around Edmonton, there are many miles of beautiful paths and trails, surrounded by huge trees and such. I also go to nearby parks like Elk Island National Park which should actually be called Bison Island park. I also go to Jasper on occasion, but it is about a 4 hour drive. I haven't been to Southern California, but really enjoyed the San Francisco and Sacramento areas the few times I was there.

I will check out your pictures...

JB said...

I love the parks you gave links to. Whem I was little we stayed right by Jasper with a family for about a year. I have very fond memories of that experience; I think Canada is breathtaking.